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Valentine's gifts for men

Valentine's day is fast approaching, it is often difficult to find a distinctive gift with personality that shows you care.

Our experience and feedback is sometimes that people do not have little ones to buy for, some people are often surprised when I say I take orders for adults too, in particular our waistcoats and men's ties, which we are proud to be launching and hoping to expand on this year.

Our collection of neck ties are all made from 100% cotton, this makes them machine washable. The cotton is a great quality and the tie is fully lined throughout all for the great price if £20 plus postage.

We have a few selected prints currently including computer themes of circuitboards in a neutral mint green colour as shown. The highlights in this print mean it would look great with a white shirt or with some of the darker colours shown on the print like navy blue.

This would make a great gift for any computer geek, programmer or someone who works in science related fields. 

This striking tie has a black background and features a variety of computer symbols. Again this is a versatile product which would work well almost any shirt. 

For a sports lover we have a variety of American football and rugby themed neck ties, as with all our products we can source fabric  based on your likes to make something truly unique and special to you.

Finally we have a beautiful Space themed neck tie, this is one of my personal favourites, the print is especially detailed with binary and mathematical patterns on the planets. This tie would pair well with a white or light blue shirt for a bold look. The theme of this pattern makes it a great personal gift for men who love science, space, maths or computing. 

If you can't see the perfect tie print for your partner and would like to request a custom order please get in touch to discuss by using our contact us page. If you would like to purchase one of these featured ties please visit our Etsy shop. 

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